Gaming Responsibility

Gambling is a great way of getting fun! Nevertheless, people tend to get an addiction and, subsequently, lose their savings. There are many means to tackle such problems and we will explain how to succeed.

Casino Tools to Ensure the Responsible Gaming

Acknowledging the issues of going beyond responsible gambling, various casinos online are imposing special protection mechanisms to ensure the consciousness in playing their entertainments (regardless to its type: a roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker (mainly, hold'em), online slots, craps, sic bo or others).


Gaming process goes out of control? An online casino allows blocking the account for days/months. Therefore, the assets are frozen and the program does not permit breaching such restraint. This time helps to analyse the behaviour and rethink on the necessity of gambling.


Currently, all reputable online casinos have a strong identification procedure (meeting the privacy policy requirements) and may require a proof of the age. In any case, the requirement to indicate the birth year is among standard questions during registration on the platform. Only after reaching 18 a person can gamble.


Play Online

Additionally, recommended online casinos may allow adjusting the spending limits, deposit and withdrawal maximum bar or wagering restraints. Therefore, a player can settle some amounts ahead of commencing to gamble and stop when no credits left on the account.

Key Tips

We agree with the tips provided by the proper site about real cash casinos in 2019 for UK players and would like to suggest other guides to make sure you gamble only responsibly. This, not-exclusive, list includes the following:

  • set a maximum
  • never chase the losses
  • take a break
  • be cautious.

Set a maximum

Prior to starting playing always set your personal limitation for a day or a game. It would be your moral restraint. Never exceed it regardless of the outcomes.

Avoid Chasing Losses

Say yourself "no" when the idea to betting more for covering up via desktop, instant play or mobile gambling. The possibility of gaming bonuses and promotions (High Roller treatment, loyalty scheme, cashback, welcome package, free spins, free money) will also not help in such cases as the terms and conditions can be very unfavourable.

Take a Break

Importantly, continue playing only until it is joyful and brings pleasure. When the game stops being fun, take a break and rest. It might be only few hours or a day, but free your mind before commencing again.

Be cautious

Focus on the actual amusement when you play. Avoid playing to destruct yourself from other activities. Moreover, follow the game and know the strategies for a particular game, whether it is created by Microgaming, Nextgen Gaming or NetEnt Casinos.

Ask for Aid

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance! Many people are pretending to be ok or believe in that. However, if some help is required - contact casino customer support via phone, live chat or email, call psychologists or special agencies for help.

Professional Help

Currently, there are many national and international organisations. Among them, there are:

  • BeGambleAware - creates an individual cure path.
  • Gambling Therapy – an online service for UK residents and people living outside Great Britain.
  • Gamblers Anonymous - provides anonymous consultations.
  • GamCare - offers confidential support via phone to those affected. The National Gambling Helpline operates 24 per 7 since 1 October 2019.

Visible Troubles

The following factors indicate the troubles:

  • The amount of spent money is huge (more than planned)
  • Gambling thoughts are always in
  • Usual free time is wasted on gambling
  • Borrowing money to play online.

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